Monday, January 26, 2009

the lean cuisine kickstart diet concept.

so the idea for this blog was that betty and i would kick off the new years with a 2 week lean cuisine counting calories diet. the rationale being lean cuisine would make it easy to count our calories and also teach us a bit about portion control. along with the diet we would start exercising regularly and reduce our consumption of bad food and drinks as well.

betty had proposed this for almost a year and i finally took her up on it. i was a skeptic and slightly bitter since i did most of the cooking but i tried to be a good sport about it...and betty insisted she still loved my cooking.

the funny thing was that after the 2 weeks were over i was so pleased with the results that we decided to continue the "diet"...


lemongrass chicken: roasted chicken tenderloins in lemongrass-coconut sauce, brown, rice, 7 veggies = 240 calories
carrots= 35 calories
2 pieces of bubble mint = 5 calories
putting me at 280 calories.

this lean cuisine meal is actually pretty tasty i think.

i have a 35 calorie clementine left for a snack.

all in all not a bad lunch.

cholesterol king is born...

January 26th finds the delayed start to cholesterol blog dedicated to nutrition and diet ramblings...