Saturday, February 12, 2011

closet break!...the return of betty and umberto

Lots has happened since Betty and I got trapped in the closet but I won't bear you with the details. As we head into the second month of the year Betty and I changed up our new years resolution game. No real year long resolutions except I would like to try and read a book a month and get this bearlog back up and quasi running. Ultimately the goal was to moderate with no OCD militant resolutions. Betty met me half way and started a monthly resolution strategy. In January Betty swore off milk and sugar -- the turbearnado variety of course. As we concluded the first month of resolutions I decided to sit down with the bearl of my dreamz for an interview and to learn what her febearary resolution was going to be:

U: So we got outta the closet.
B: We did. Not sure how you got us out but I'm happy to be back.
U: Fur realz. So I'm dying to know how was the first month with no sugar and milk?
B: No sugar and milk made my morning coffee less enjoyable. The taste was harsher and kinda made my stomach feel funny.
U: Will you stick with your coffee resolution?
B: No. Now that the month is over I'll return to milk & turbearnado unless I'm having something sweet. I'd rather cut back the sugar some place else.
U: What did you learn about yourself this month?
B: It was worth a try to see if I could develop a taste for black coffee but after a month I realize it's not my thing but it was worth expanding my flavor palette if even only temporbearily.
U: Do you have any advice for cubs struggling with their year long resolutions?
B: Good luck. Don't give up everything you enjoy. Take it in moderation.
U: What's your goal for this month?
B: To reduce my sweets consumption through simple less calorie options...ultimately just saying no to junkie sweets and hopefully avoiding eating anything after 8PM.
U: Bearendous. I wish you luck. Let's get outta here.

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